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Work-Related Injury Q&A

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2014 | Uncategorized

From the Workers’ Comp Attorneys at Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz, P.A.

At Milavetz, we get many calls from workers in all walks of life – hospitals, factories, and offices – you name it! These employees are trying to get answers to questions about their rights in the workers’ compensationsystem – and how they can act to protect those rights. Each week, check this blog for a new work comp question and the Milavetz answer. If you have questions about your case, give us a call or feel free to send us an e-mail.

Gilberto asks:

“I work on the production line at a food-processing plant. My job requires me to empty buckets of food scraps about thirty times a day. The bucket weighs about 35 pounds when full. Anyway, I began to notice a pain in my right elbow about six months ago. I decided to ignore it, but finally ended up going to the doctor last week. He told me I have tendonitis. I’m not sure I can work at the food plant anymore! What should I do now?”

Steve Levine of Milavetz writes:

First, you should immediately report your injury to your employer. Tell them you are hurt and explain how your job duties caused the injury. Have your employer fill out an accident report and request a copy of it. Then, see a medical doctor right away. If you have further questions about your injury, please contact Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz for answers.

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