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Hazards health care workers need to be aware of

Working in the health care industry can be an effective way to help others who live in your Minnesota community. However, you may also put yourself at risk of experiencing a variety of injuries such as muscle strains, broken bones or concussions. You might also be at risk of getting sick after being exposed to bodily fluids, airborne pathogens or other hazardous materials.

Watch where you’re walking

You will likely spend most of your day hurriedly responding to the needs of your patients. Therefore, you may not notice a loose wire, a torn carpet or other hazards that could lead to a slip, trip or fall. If you do notice a hazard, you may feel as if you don’t have time to remove it. However, it’s important to clean up spills, fix carpets or take other steps to ensure that no one gets hurt while walking inside of a medical facility.

Be careful when interacting with patients

If you need to lift a heavy patient, it’s in your best interest to do so with a partner. The same is true if you need to move someone who is unable to do so on their own. Call for help if an individual is becoming agitated or is threatening to harm you.

Don’t forget to stretch

There is a good chance that you will be asked to bend, reach or twist multiple times during a shift. Stretching can help to minimize the risk of injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the body. In the event that you are hurt at work, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are hurt at work, it may be a good idea to consult with an attorney. He or she may help you fill out workers’ compensation paperwork, find out the status of a pending claim or appeal a decision to deny a previous claim.

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