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Where do most pedestrian accidents occur in Minneapolis?

It's no surprise that Minneapolis, our state's most populous city, has the highest rate of pedestrian accidents. What is surprising, though, is where these accidents take place. The worst intersections for pedestrians aren't downtown, despite the busy workday crowds and rush-hour traffic. Instead, they're just south, in the flourishing Uptown and Lyn-Lake neighborhoods.

Injured in a car accident while visiting Minnesota?

Minneapolis has become an up-and-coming winter tourist destination - thanks, in part, to Super Bowl LII. If you were in town to support your team or participate in the festivities, you may have encountered firsthand the challenges of driving downtown. In fact, traffic across the metro can be difficult on an average day, much less an extravaganza-packed week with thousands of vehicles flooding the freeways.

3 tips for safely navigating Minneapolis on Super Bowl Weekend

The big weekend is finally here. It's been nearly four years in the making. And although Vikings fans may still be reeling from the heartbreaking end to such a hopeful season, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this groundbreaking event at our state-of-the-art stadium.

5 warning signs that your driving endangers others

When it comes down to it, most people think they're good drivers. But are they, really? With the countless hours the average commuter spends behind the wheel, it's easy for bad habits to slowly sink in. These habits can become so second-nature that we're no longer aware of them. And, unfortunately, they're often contributing factors in devastating accidents.

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