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How Deadly Are Trench Collapses?

While most people understand that construction sites are among the most dangerous work environments, they might not realize where the hazards actually come from. A significant portion of work accidents and construction fatalities are the result of falls from height – falling from a ladder, scaffold collapse or poorly secured railings. However, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), two workers are killed every month in trench collapses.

Distracted Driving: Tips From The Minnesota DPS

Whether anecdotally, on news reports, in movies or stories told by friends and family, distracted drivers are to be feared and avoided. Unfortunately, distractions are so common – and the activities are so minute – that we all fall victim to distractions in our own cars.

The first step toward eradicating this danger on the road is to understand what distractions actually are – and work to avoid them.

Minnesota Teen Crash Statistics

Across the country, drivers are in danger of getting into often-serious accidents. Numerous factors can increase the likelihood of a serious accident such as drunk drivers, distracted drivers and bad weather. Teen drivers, however, remain an at-risk segment of the driving population.

After A Divorce, Grandparents Need To Seek Visitation Rights

Since grandparents’ rights are not covered by federal statutes, each state decides the legal rights and options grandparents have after divorce or other significant family change. In Minnesota, the courts look favorably on providing grandparent visitation when it is in the best interests of the children. The courts carefully examine the family history in determining how best to retain beneficial relationships and provide the child with an environment that encourages healthy growth and maturation.

Family caregivers face countless challenges, limited resources

As the baby boomer population ages, more and more seniors are facing health problems that require daily care. Yet the skyrocketing costs of long-term care - not to mention the hurdles involved in qualifying for Medicaid as well as the far-too-common horror stories about nursing home abuse and neglect - have left many to rely on family members instead of institutions.

More than 40 million of these informal caregivers provide for the day-to-day needs of their aging loved ones nationwide, according to a recent Star Tribune article. And more than half of them do so while working other jobs.

How to know when it's time to consider bankruptcy

Nobody sets out aiming to file for bankruptcy. Life happens - you lose your job, get a devastating medical diagnosis, face a costly divorce or end up blindsided by other unexpected challenges. Before you know it, your finances are in shambles.

For many people in these situations, bankruptcy is a tool to get back on track. It can help you get out from under excessive debt - often without having to give up your possessions or jeopardize your home. In fact, in many situations, bankruptcy can help save your home from foreclosure. It can also prevent repossessions and put a stop to wage garnishment.

Alarming reports of nursing home neglect on the rise

Nursing home neglect is a growing problem nationwide. As more and more baby boomers require long-term care, skilled nursing facilities are becoming overcrowded and understaffed. Unfortunately, far too many of these facilities are more concerned about the bottom line than about their residents' well-being. They end up cutting corners - with tragic results.

Tips for a successful stepparent adoption

Adopting a stepchild is an incredibly meaningful step in life. Stepparent adoption is one of the most common types of adoption in Minnesota, and for good reason. By adopting a stepchild, you can:

  • Formalize the parent-child relationship you may already have
  • Gain legal parenting rights (and responsibilities)
  • Give your child inheritance rights
  • Strengthen your family unit

Despite the joyful nature of this milestone, the adoption process itself can be stressful - especially if unforeseen complications arise. Follow these tips to help make the adoption a success.

5 warning signs that your driving endangers others

When it comes down to it, most people think they're good drivers. But are they, really? With the countless hours the average commuter spends behind the wheel, it's easy for bad habits to slowly sink in. These habits can become so second-nature that we're no longer aware of them. And, unfortunately, they're often contributing factors in devastating accidents.

So how do you objectively evaluate your own driving? Here are some warning signs that you may need to break some bad habits:

Choosing a daycare: How to keep your child safe

Choosing a daycare is one of the most difficult decisions parents face. It's where your child will spend 40 or more hours per week. It's where they'll learn, grow and interact with others during some of their most formative years.

A daycare situation that seems promising initially can quickly turn into a nightmare. Despite intensive regulations governing both daycare centers and in-home providers, neglect and abuse still occur with frightening regularity.

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