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Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, often caused by automobile accidents, bicycle or pedestrian accidents, workplace injuries, and even medical malpractice. If you or someone you know has been injured in Eagan, Minnesota, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Milavetz Injury Law, P.A. are here to help.

What To Do if You’re Injured in Eagan

While the attorneys at Milavetz Law can represent injured parties after an accident, the first thing you should do immediately after an injury is to seek medical attention.

Personal safety is absolutely paramount, which is why we’ve laid out a few simple steps you can follow when injured:


Seek medical attention – The first thing you should do following a personal injury is to seek medical care. Dial 911 if you need emergency medical care, or visit a local hospital in Eagan for a checkup following your injury. M Health Fairview Ridges hospital has a 24/7 emergency department in southwest Eagan, and Regions Hospital, as well as M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital, are closest to northern Eagan around Mendota Heights. If your injuries don’t warrant a hospital visit, we still strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP).


Gather evidence, documentation, and contact information – After obtaining medical care, ensure you’ve asked for your physician’s documentation as well as any relevant medical paperwork surrounding your injury. If you are able, take photos and ask for the names of any witnesses that happened to be nearby.


File a police report – According to Minnesota Statutes 169.09 on Traffic Collisions, if an accident resulted in a personal injury, it must be reported to the local police department immediately. Obtain a copy of your police report from the Eagan Police Department, or file a police report if one has not been filed following your accident. Remember, accidents with injuries require you to contact the Eagan PD to file a report.


Obtain legal representation – It is highly recommended that you obtain legal representation following your injury, especially if your accident has resulted in medical bills, emergency services, hospital stays, physical therapy, rehabilitation costs, or lost wages. Additionally, if you’ve experienced pain and suffering, emotional distress, or permanent disability following your accident, hiring a personal injury attorney from Milavetz Law and seeking legal counsel is the best course of action.

We Are Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

The attorneys at Milavetz Injury Law, P.A. have extensive experience in handling serious personal injury cases and wrongful death cases, having secured millions in compensation over the years for their clients in and around the Twin Cities.

Car accidents

According to a Motor Vehicle Report published by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), there were 20,529 crash injuries and 394 traffic casualties in 2020 alone. The attorneys at Milavetz Law have worked on a wide range of car accident cases and can help injured victims in Eagan get the representation they deserve.

Truck accidents

Due to the size, weight, and momentum of large commercial trucks and 18-wheelers, truck accidents can often cause significant damage and serious injury to any drivers involved. Eagan consistently sees truck traffic and commercial vehicle traffic passing through the city for deliveries, pickups, and general transportation, and accidents aren’t out of the question. Milavetz Law has experienced truck accident attorneys available to help with these types of cases.

What type of compensation am I entitled to?

If you’ve been injured in Eagan, you may be entitled to multiple types of compensation, including economic, non-economic, and punitive.

In medical malpractice cases, it’s important to know that there is no cap on non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering) in the state of Minnesota. Additionally, Minnesota law also prevents damages for pain and suffering from being awarded in certain types of injury and death cases.

When it comes to workers’ compensation cases, no pain and suffering damages may be awarded, and there are minimum thresholds and maximum amounts for non-economic damages due to personal injury.

What evidence do I need to prove liability?

Proving liability requires the following:

  • Duty – The other party has to have been responsible for what caused your injury
  • Breach of Duty – You must prove the other party failed to meet that duty
  • Cause in Fact – If they didn’t breach their duty, you wouldn’t have suffered the injury
  • Proximate Cause – Your injury was certainly caused by the other party’s failure and not something else
  • Damages – You have to prove you suffered some kind of loss, injury, or damages

Minnesota Laws Governing Personal Injury Cases

The state of Minnesota has several laws governing personal injury cases.

As a victim of personal injury, some laws you must know include:

  • If multiple individuals are liable for an accident, joint-liability law states that damages are awarded based on the percentage of fault attributable to each individual.
  • According to comparative fault laws, even if an individual is partially responsible for the accident, they may still claim damages.
  • You can file a personal injury claim for up to six years after your accident.
  • You can file a medical malpractice claim up to four years from the date of injury or cessation of treatment.
  • You can claim property damage up to six years following the damage.

Our Experience and Case Results

The attorneys at Milavetz Law have successfully represented and recovered damages for a wide range of client cases.

Some recent personal injury cases handled by Milavetz Injury Law, P.A. include:

  • A medical and drug case against Vioxx MDL with a $2 million settlement
  • A trucking case involving the negligent infliction of emotional distress resulting in $200,000 of damages
  • A motor vehicle accident involving an 80-year-old woman resulting in the recovery of damages worth $400,000

The attorneys at Milavetz Law stand up for everyday people and strive to give them a voice. If you’d like a friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney to handle your case, contact Milavetz Law today.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you can represent yourself in a personal injury case, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney instead. An attorney will be able to assist you with evidence-gathering, offering legal advice, answering your questions, helping interview witnesses, helping evaluate and assess losses or injuries sustained, and helping you file legal documents as required by law.

The cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer varies based on the law firm you choose, but fortunately, a contingency fee arrangement allows you to pay nothing upfront. In such an arrangement, your lawyers will only receive compensation if they win your case. An arrangement like this incentivizes them to work as hard as they can to help you receive justice and compensation.

Several office locations of Milavetz Law are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible in order to serve clients with walkers, canes, or wheelchairs. If you’re visiting the Eagan office, contact us to discuss accessibility upon your arrival.

You can learn more about the Milavetz Law firm and contact us for a consultation by visiting the about page on our website. Our about page contains a form where you can submit legal questions for discussion with our team.

An excellent personal injury attorney should be knowledgeable, experienced, and have a reputation for successfully obtaining compensation for the clients they represent.

If you’re ready to move forward and file a personal injury claim, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Milavetz Law today for a free case evaluation.

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