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Drug Lawyer

When you’re in pain or ill, you trust that the drugs you take — whether a simple bottle of over-the-counter medications or specialized prescription drugs for a complicated medical condition — will help, not harm.

Pharmaceutical companies are able to create innovative medications to treat all sorts of illnesses, providing a better quality of life for many patients. However, a bad drug, one that doesn’t treat your condition properly, or one with significant, problematic side effects, can hurt the frailest members of our population.

Experienced Pharmaceutical Attorneys

Milavetz Injury Law, P.A., is a Minnesota law firm known for its success in handling pharmaceutical liability cases against the makers of dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.

Our lawyers have won millions of dollars for patients harmed by the side effects of different drugs. We believe in protecting the most vulnerable, and we aren’t afraid to take on big pharmaceutical companies.

Many of our cases are class-action lawsuits representing multiple victims of defective prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. We represent residents of Minneapolis-St. Paul and the surrounding areas in cases like Vioxx MDL, with settlements totaling more than $2 million.

Pharmaceutical testing

Who Is Responsible for Ensuring that Drugs Are Safe?

Pharmaceutical companies have a duty to ensure that their products are reasonably safe. There are several steps these companies must take before they’re legally allowed to sell their drugs, including:

  • Obtaining FDA approval before releasing medications to patients
  • Conducting various tests to identify potential side effects
  • Disclosing all side effects or known risks so doctors can make informed decisions
  • Providing clear instructions, in writing, on how to administer the drug
  • Establishing the intended use for all products

Sometimes, though, pharmaceutical companies get in a hurry to bring new drugs to market. They may cut corners with testing such as not testing enough people, not testing for a long enough period of time, or not testing multiple races and genders. Side effects go undiscovered until after patients use these new drugs.

These shortcomings constitute negligence, for which drug developers deserve to be held accountable. If a bad drug has harmed you or a loved one, we can help.

Bad Drugs and Dangerous Supplements: The Facts

Many of us trust our daily vitamins, herbal supplements, or prescription drugs to help relieve pain or keep us healthy. But sometimes, drugs can have contaminants that develop during the manufacturing process, defective warnings, or may have been inadequately tested.

Any of these can cause serious injuries. Drug companies that put harmful drugs on the market deserve just, corrective punishment.

Problems with drugs can come from:

  • Defective design of the drug or supplement
  • Problems in manufacturing that lead to contamination
  • Lack of testing of the drug, resulting in the ignorance of side effects
  • Failure to adequately warn about side effects or potential risks

Drug companies in the US are subject to strict marketing and warning label laws, as well as other regulations by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When drug companies fail to adhere to these standards and people get hurt, the companies should be held liable for their negligence.

Injuries Stemming from Defective Drugs

Accuracy in the initial design and chemical formula, as well as the manufacturing process, is critical for any type of drug or supplement. Anytime something is off, whether it’s a contaminated ingredient or a problem with making the drug on a larger scale, users can suffer grievous or even life-threatening complications.

Pharmaceutical companies must be held accountable for these deadly mistakes. When they do hurt users, they deserve to be held liable for their mistakes. But you don’t have to fight these corporate giants alone. Milavetz Injury Law is on your side every step of the way.

Lawyer at a desk

How do you determine if the drug company is liable?

If a dangerous drug has harmed you or someone you love, we can help. Your personal injury lawyer works with you and your family to obtain a settlement on your behalf. We look at three things when determining whether a drug company is liable:

  • Whether the manufacturer was at fault
  • What caused your injury
  • How badly you were hurt

Our legal team reviews all medical studies and other scholarly published articles about the medication and its regulatory history from the FDA. We also look at other documents that may prove the causation of problems or any defects.

Once you choose Milavetz Injury Law to represent you and your family, you’ll benefit from our years of specialized experience holding big pharmaceutical companies accountable. We gather the evidence necessary to prove your case, and we’ll protect you every step of the way, including in a court of law.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Defective Drugs

The US FDA regulates the manufacturing and distribution of all supplements and medications. If a manufacturer violates applicable statutes or is found to be negligent, it may be legally liable for any damage that a user experiences.

For example, we have settled many cases for Minneapolis women who took Yaz & Yasmin MDL birth control pills, which led to blood clots. We’ve also participated in the Invokana Diabetes Drug Lawsuit.

Warnings should be visible and disclosed. If a drug manufacturer fails to warn about side effects, they may be found negligent. Sometimes, a drug company may not know about side effects, which means they’re liable for not conducting the proper testing.  Other times, they don’t adequately warn users about problems associated with the drug. Drug manufacturers may also be responsible for injuries this oversight causes.

Many personal injury cases, including harm from a defective or harmful drug, have a statute of limitations that determines how long you have to file a suit for damages.

Unlike other types of personal injury cases, there’s a different threshold for the statute of limitations for harmful drugs in Minnesota. Sometimes, the side effects of a flawed medication don’t show up right away. Minnesota law allows claimants up to six years from discovering side effects or damages to file a claim.

Many families affected by harmful supplements, over-the-counter drugs, or prescription drugs may be struggling with immediate medical treatments. They’re worried that paying for a lawyer will be too costly on top of medical bills.

However, many personal injury firms, like Milavetz Injury Law, work on a contingency basis. This arrangement means that you only pay us if you win and can pay us from your winnings.

You deserve coverage of ongoing medical care from the harmful effects of a bad drug, plus all rehabilitation costs. If your reduced health impacts your ability to work, lack of employment makes your lost pay claimable.

After using a defective drug, you may have ongoing pain and suffering or a diminished quality of life. You should seek full compensation for either of these conditions.

Have You Been Harmed by a Defective Drug?

If you’re currently taking prescription medications, it’s important that you don’t stop until you have a doctor’s approval.

At Milavetz Injury Law, our legal team has years of experience representing people harmed by dangerous drugs.

Visit our contact page to view our nine different office locations around the Twin Cities. Feel free to fill out the form on the contact page or call us directly at 763-560-0000 to schedule a free consultation about your case. We don’t charge fees unless we win for you. Ensuring that negligent drug companies face their responsibility is our team’s commitment to you.

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