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Product Liability Lawyer

When Products Cause Harm

Manufacturers have an obligation to design and make their products safe for our use. This responsibility extends to all types of products, from food and beverages to cars, machinery, tools, hair products, pharmaceutical products and more.

Some products are more inherently dangerous than others — circular saws, nail guns, lawn mowers and ladders, for example. Yet, virtually any product can cause harm.

Our Job Is To Stand Up For You

At Milavetz Injury Law, P.A., we’re passionate about standing up for the rights of consumers across Minnesota who fall victim to dangerous or defective products of any kind. We handle all types of product liability cases — including defective drugs and medical devices.

Our personal injury lawyers have spent decades challenging powerful companies and holding wrongdoers accountable. You can rely on us to help you pursue the full financial recovery you deserve.

Understanding Product Liability

Products can be defective in any number of ways:

  • The product itself might be dangerously designed. Perhaps it lacks adequate safety features such as an automatic stopping mechanism or blade guard.
  • The product may have come off the assembly line with a defect that got overlooked. Perhaps the brakes on a certain model of car are susceptible to failure, leading to disastrous car crashes, for example.
  • Other products become dangerous when they don’t have adequate instructions or warnings. If a reasonable consumer might misuse the product in a way that puts their safety at risk, the manufacturer should include prominent warnings about that risk.

In most cases, a particular danger doesn’t come to the manufacturer’s attention until an accident or injury occurs. When manufacturers begin to realize that a product is dangerous or defective, they have a duty to alert consumers about the problem. Even if they issue a recall, however, an unlucky few may have already paid the price.

Explore Your Options For Accountability And Compensation

Find out what options you have for holding the manufacturer accountable. Call our Twin Cities-based law firm at 763-560-0000 to discuss your rights with an attorney at our firm. It won’t cost you anything, and there’s no obligation.

We have convenient offices throughout the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, including Brooklyn Center, St. Peter, and Coon Rapids. Our lawyers serve clients statewide, so we can come to you if needed.

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