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March 2020 Archives

When is the last time you checked your tires as a safety measure?

AdobeStock_128945312.jpegWhether you're a daily commuter on Minnesota roadways or an occasional traveler, it's critical that you make sure the vehicle you're driving is in safe working condition. For instance, if your brake lights are not functioning, not only might a police officer pull you over in a traffic stop, you could wind up being rear-ended by another car if the person behind you can't tell that you've applied your brakes.

COVID-19 update for current and prospective clients

The novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) sweeping around the world has led to drastic preventative measures to curb fatalities and contain the illness. Last week, Minnesota governor Tim Waltz declared a peacetime state of emergency. Health officials have recommended canceling or postponing all social gatherings. Schools are closed across the state. Restaurants, bars and other venues are shutting down. Social distancing - maintaining a minimum of six feet of separation between individuals - is advised in all situations outside the home. The impact on all levels of society is profound.

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