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Are you feeling excessively tired after a recent car accident?

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When something stressful happens in someone’s life, it is common to want to go home, lie down, and sleep for a bit. Getting some rest is often the body’s way of resetting, and it can allow you to wake up feeling less stressed, more relaxed, and more alert. Of course, that is not always what happens, and after a recent car accident, you may have found yourself wanting to sleep more and more.

Car accidents certainly are stressful and traumatic events. You may have tossed around inside your vehicle more than you even remember, and though the adrenaline in your body had you feeling overly alert, it may have also masked some symptoms of serious injuries. If, after the accident, you went home thinking you did not suffer injuries but felt excessively tired for several days, you may have reason to worry.

Sleeping after a crash

As mentioned, sleeping after a stressful situation is normal. After the adrenaline and keyed-up feelings leave your body, you may feel exhausted. However, if you feel overly tired for more than a week after the accident or your fatigue seems beyond normal, you should see a doctor. Rather than just having a sleeping issue, your tiredness could be a symptom of a serious injury.

Injuries resulting from a car accident

In some cases, excessive fatigue and sleepiness after a car accident could point to a head injury. Though you think you would have noticed if you suffered a head injury in a car accident, it is actually not uncommon for people not to remember exactly what their body went through during a crash. As a result, you may have hit your head during the accident, or the force of your vehicle stopping abruptly may have jarred your brain inside your skull, and you may not know.

Because symptoms of injuries can show themselves days or even weeks after a car accident, it is always smart to undergo a medical evaluation whenever something feels off after a crash. A doctor may recognize your symptoms as signs of a concussion, brain hemorrhage or another serious injury. By seeking medical attention, you can get the help you need to hopefully recover.

Compensation for damages

If your excessive sleepiness is a sign of a serious injury, you may need various medical treatments, face high medical bills and even lose wages from needing time off from work. These issues could quickly lead to financial burdens that you have a hard time handling. Fortunately, if another person caused the accident that resulted in your injuries, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim that could allow you to seek compensation for damages permitted under Minnesota law.

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