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Do drivers use the advanced safety features in their vehicles?

These days, various vehicle manufacturers boast about the in-vehicle technology that can help drivers remain safe while on the road. Hands-free features like voice command and Bluetooth capabilities, as well as buttons on the steering wheel that allow drivers to change the radio or answer their phone without taking their hands off the wheel, have shown up in various vehicles in recent years.

Of course, manufacturers do not plan to stop there, and you have likely seen numerous new features intended to help drivers remain focused, know when dangers exist and avoid collisions. However, as appealing as the idea of these features may be, they are not helpful if drivers do not use them.

Disabling safety features

Drivers can turn off various technological safety features prevalent in newer vehicles. Many indicated that the features annoy them, which is why they choose to disable them. These features can affect how a person drives — such as applying the brakes automatically, and beep to alert drivers of potential hazards, so many drivers turn them off. Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automated emergency braking and pedestrian detection are among the top features drivers often disable.

Not knowing how to use them

Reports also indicate that, even if drivers like the idea of certain safety features, they may not know how to properly use them. If you or other individuals are not particularly tech savvy, these new features may only confuse rather than offer assistance. Many vehicle owners also do not fully understand what their vehicles can do in regard to advanced safety features, so their vehicles may have safety devices that they are not aware of or know how to activate.

Distrust toward technology

It is also not uncommon for people to feel a bit of distrust toward technological features. After all, you and many others have undoubtedly found yourself in a situation where a certain piece of technology did not work properly and left you in a bind. As a result, many drivers may not trust these new features, which could contribute to their disabling them. Additionally, the idea of fully autonomous vehicles does not fill those in Minnesota and across the country with comfort, though technology is moving in this direction.

Accidents will happen

Whether a driver uses every technological safety feature available or chooses to purchase a vehicle with minimal tech, accidents will happen. These safety features can fail, and driver distraction and errors continue to contribute to crashes, nonetheless. If you suffer serious injuries due to a car crash caused by another person, you may want to consider your legal options for seeking compensation.

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