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How could someone drive safely during the winter?

Driving around in the winter might not be desirable, but some Minnesota can’t avoid taking to the roads when snow falls and roads freeze. While staying off highways and streets could increase safety, doing so isn’t always feasible. Perhaps it is wise to take the next best step: learning and following some top tips for winter driving.

Improving safety on the road during the winter

While no advice could guarantee a driver could avoid an accident, some tips may cut down the chances of a crash. Slowing down and driving at a controlled speed likely comes with far fewer dangers than driving 15 mph over the posted limit. Passing vehicles on the right or following too closely in icy conditions could lead to potentially regrettable outcomes.

Losing control of a vehicle on an ice-covered road may lead to a fatal collision. The stakes become high when a driver disregards safe driving during winter conditions.

Sometimes, poor decisions could create trouble. Some may attempt to power up a hill or even apply the brakes and stop half-way up a hill. Neither approach might contribute to safe driving.

Other things to consider with winter driving

Taking better care of a car could reduce the chances of unfortunate mishaps. Routine maintenance may help prevent a vehicle from stalling on the road, and stalled cars present possible dangers. Someone exiting a stalled vehicle on an expressway could get hit by another vehicle.

Are there winter tires on the car? Winter tires might perform better when road conditions are less than ideal. Check to make sure the tires are properly inflated and don’t suffer from dry rot, as well.

Be sure a vehicle has enough fuel for the trip. Running low or out of gas could set up a disastrous situation. Keeping an emergency kit in the trunk and extra clothes and a blanket may be helpful. Anything that improves keeping drivers and passengers safe may be a plus.

MVA could result from negligence. Those hurt in an accident may need to file an insurance claim or take other action.

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