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Using mediation as a way to resolve custody disputes

If you’re going through the divorce process in Minnesota, it can feel like many things need to get resolved. Considering that, one of these things could be child custody arrangements. To help resolve these matters, divorcing couples sometimes get the help they need from mediators.

Why it’s beneficial to attend mediation sessions

The primary benefit of attending mediation sessions is that it looks great in the eyes of the court. By doing this, you’re showing the court that you’ll take any steps in the family law process for the sake of your children.

There’s also the possibility that a judge requires you to take part in the mediation process. If this is the case, you’ll have to attend at least one mediation session or risk getting held in contempt of court. Doing this is also going to weaken your case as a suitable parent in the court’s eyes.

What should I expect during the mediation process?

In most cases, each mediation session will last about two to three hours. These sessions usually begin with a mediator introducing themselves. After that, you and your child’s other parent will each make introductions.

Next, it will be time for each parent to talk about their preferred custody arrangements and any other matters that need to get addressed. As discussions get underway, the mediator will help you and the other party reach a mutual understanding. A mediator can also help you and your ex-spouse write a formal agreement after the mediation process is complete.

In conclusion, mediation can be an effective way for two people to agree on child custody and visitation-related matters. If you and your former spouse put in the time, mediation can help both of you find common ground.

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