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Serving clients across Minnesota
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Workers’ Compensation

Don’t Let Your Employer Trample Your Right To Workers’ Compensation

You get up and go to work every day to help your employer make a profit. When you get hurt on the job, you shouldn’t get stuck with the financial burden of a potentially life-altering injury.

Yet, far too often, employers are confrontational, slow to help or outright hostile toward employees who pursue their right to workers’ compensation. Many employees don’t get the benefits they deserve. With experienced legal representation, however, you can level the playing field, getting the full recovery you need to cover your bills and provide for your loved ones.

We Know What You’re Going Through

Workplace injuries can complicate all aspects of your life. The physical, financial and emotional challenges affect your entire family.

At Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz, P.A., we understand the far-reaching effects of work injuries. Whether in Minneapolis, St. Paul or communities throughout the Twin Cities, we’ll help you pursue the benefits you need to get your life back on track.

Our workers’ comp lawyers stand up for the rights of injured workers across Minnesota — and have done so for decades. Because we also handle personal injury claims, we can help you navigate the sometimes blurry line between workers’ comp claims and third-party personal injury claims, and pursue every option for recovery on your behalf.

Cases We Handle

Our workers’ comp attorneys handle workers’ compensation cases involving all types of occupational injuries and illnesses, including:

Our clients come from all industries and all walks of life: construction workers, nurses, police officers, firefighters, office workers, immigrant workers and more.

We also handle death and dependency benefits for those who have tragically lost a loved one due to a work-related injury or medical condition.

You Can Rely On Our Team

We can help with any workers’ comp issue you might be facing. For example:

  • Has your claim been wrongly denied?
  • Has your employer inaccurately characterized your injury or failed to fill out the right paperwork?
  • Are you struggling to get the right medical treatment?
  • Are you facing repeated delays and not getting answers?
  • Are your benefits in jeopardy after receiving a Notice of Intention to Discontinue Benefits (NOID)?

When you turn to us for help, you can expect us to take your case seriously. Our workers compensation lawyers and staff understand the anger you may be feeling if you have been denied benefits — or if the insurance company is dragging its feet at every turn. We know that delays can intensify the hardship you’re already suffering. Our staff will move your claims through the workers’ compensation system in a quick and efficient manner.

We will help you pursue all the benefits available to you, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Prescription coverage
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Lost wages
  • Ongoing benefits for a partial or total disability

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