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Good Advice for your College Bound Child

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2014 | Personal Injury

A few years ago, our firm represented a family who lost their college age daughter while she was at school. She was a beautiful and intelligent young lady who went out with friends to celebrate her birthday. She was over served alcohol, and tragically died. She cannot be brought back, but there are a few lessons to be learned, and words to be passed on.

Families need to have a discussion with their college-aged students before they leave home for the first time and openly discuss the dangers of group binge drinking. In addition to speaking about the dangers of mixing alcohol with automobiles, parents need to emphasize the following with their kids:

  • Excessive drinking can be fatal!
  • Friends should look out for their friends!
  • Students need to be personally responsible for themselves, and should not place themselves in a position where they can become helpless.
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