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Can nerve damage result from car accidents?

Minnesota drivers risk injury when involved in motor vehicle accidents (MVA). While whiplash and spine injuries may be the first to come to mind, nerve damage is also a very common outcome of MVA.

What is nerve damage?

Nerves are a system of neurological cells that send messages to every part of the body. When nerves are pinched or damaged, the body can’t receive these messages. Since nerves are responsible for bodily functions like motion and autonomic processes like digestion, nerve damage can severely limit one’s daily activity.

How are nerves pinched in MVA?

A variety of injuries sustained in MVA can cause a pinched nerve. Essentially, a pinched nerve is when the tissues surrounding this nerve swell and put pressure on it. Whiplash, or the violent jerking of the neck during MVA, can damage nerves near the cervical vertebrae.

Nerves can also be pinched or damaged from spine injuries from MVA. Broken vertebrae and slipped discs can put pressure on surrounding nerves or even lacerate them. If the spinal column is lacerated, paralysis can ensue.

Symptoms of a pinched nerve

If you have a pinched nerve from MVA, you may feel it immediately or it can take days before you will even have signs. These signs include burning pain, numbness or tingling in your limbs. There may also be twitching or spasms in the muscle the nerve controls.

Pinched nerves and nerve damage can vary in pain intensity from mild to extreme. Symptoms may also come and go instead of having consistency. If symptoms become more intense, it can lead to reduced mobility in the muscles the pinched nerve controls.

Treating a pinched nerve

If you recently experienced an MVA and are having symptoms of nerve damage, you should immediately consult with a spine specialist. Treatment will depend on the severity of the damage but can include massage and physical therapy.

It may also be wise to consult with a well-respected, longstanding personal injury attorney to help you seek reimbursement for medical expenses due to your nerve damage.

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