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What could be used to show lost wages when making a claim

One of the most important elements of any auto accident claim in Minnesota for those who are restricted from working is the amount of lost wages that can be claimed due to the injury. Financial recovery for lost wages only applies when the victim is actually employed and cannot work, including those who are self-employed. Documentation is typically required just as with medical bills for an accurate and equitable determination, and there are some standard forms of proof that can be accepted by the court if a claim is not settled beforehand. Here are a few forms of proof a Minnesota accident attorney can use in building the claim.

Paycheck stubs

Although many contemporary employers use direct deposit when paying employees, some still use the traditional paycheck method. Paycheck stubs and bank records can both be accepted as documentation when determining a weekly amount of lost wages to be multiplied by lost weeks due to accident injuries.

Employer income records

Absent any paycheck receipts, documentation from an employer can also suffice when determining lost wages from injuries in car accidents. Even a letter to the court verifying employment and individual wage assignments can be used as material evidence of the claim.

Tax records

Self-employed accident victims can often have difficulty establishing a definitive amount of lost wages. Minnesota car accident attorneys can still use tax records to prove an annual income, then dividing the total earned income in determining an average weekly or daily amount. Daily lost wages typically apply when the per diem method is being used for determining general damages, and specifically for those with sporadic employment.

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