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What helps or hurts an accident claim?

Negligence often contributes to car accidents. People may suffer severe injuries after even minor collisions. Victims might suffer in several ways after becoming involved in a vehicle collision since injuries could require extensive surgeries and rehabilitation. The time off from work may lead to bills piling up, and Minnesota collection services might start calling. The situation may worsen when the victim hurts his or her chances at a legitimate claim.

Harming an injury claim

Whether filing a lawsuit or making an insurance claim, honesty stands as a smart policy. Those who lie about the circumstances associated with car accidents could ruin their case. Worse, they might face criminal fraud charges. Lying to an attorney, insurance investigator, or a jury may result in disaster.

Blatant lying isn’t the only way an accident victim might hurt a case. Choosing to vent frustrations on social media could cause additional trouble. Social media posts could undermine settlement negotiations or lead to contempt of court charges. Even “harmless” posts might lead to questions about how hurt someone is. Perhaps the victim did suffer a terrible back injury, but boredom leads to booking a ski trip. Now, seeking pain and suffering compensation could become more challenging.

Compiling evidence and keeping quiet

Several typical post-accident steps might help an injury claim instead of harming it. Not admitting any fault may prevent the person most responsible for the accident from using the victim’s words in court.

Documenting evidence might support an injury claim, and evidence comes in numerous forms. Photos of car accidents tell a tale, and dashcam footage could present an accurate real-time picture. Witness statements and police reports may have significant value, as well.

Strengthening a case and claim could lead to a preferable settlement. For victims, a substantial settlement might address many accident-related expenses.

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