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How you might be compensated after a job loss

Those who lose their jobs for almost any reason may attempt to collect unemployment benefits from the state of Minnesota. If a person is forced to stop working after a workplace accident, they may be entitled to collection workers’ compensation benefits. In some cases, an individual might be able to collect both benefits at the same time.

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits?

Anyone who is terminated from their job is usually eligible for this type of benefit assuming that they meet income and service requirements. It generally doesn’t matter why you were let go from your current position as long as you didn’t quit or otherwise abandon your position before being terminated.

Your total award will likely be the same

Let’s say that you were collecting $500 a week in workers’ compensation benefits as a result of being hurt while on the job. While recovering from your injuries, your employer decides to terminate your employment. In such a scenario, you would likely be able to apply for unemployment benefits while also receiving workers’ compensation pay.

Suppose that you are entitled to $200 a week in unemployment benefits after being relieved of your position while recovering from a broken back, head injury or other ailments. In such a scenario, you would still only receive $500 a week from these two sources. However, you would receive $300 from your employer and $200 from the state.

If you are hurt on the job, it may be possible to seek financial assistance to pay medical bills or recoup lost wages. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to apply for assistance as quickly as possible after you think that you might be entitled to it.

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