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Do drivers use the advanced safety features in their vehicles?

These days, various vehicle manufacturers boast about the in-vehicle technology that can help drivers remain safe while on the road. Hands-free features like voice command and Bluetooth capabilities, as well as buttons on the steering wheel that allow drivers to change the radio or answer their phone without taking their hands off the wheel, have shown up in various vehicles in recent years.

Of course, manufacturers do not plan to stop there, and you have likely seen numerous new features intended to help drivers remain focused, know when dangers exist and avoid collisions. However, as appealing as the idea of these features may be, they are not helpful if drivers do not use them.

Fatigue could put you at risk of work-related injuries

AdobeStock_256388813.jpegMost people in Minnesota experience fatigue at some point. You may be someone who dreads getting up early in the morning (or in the evening if you work night shift) because you always feel as if you have to drag yourself out of bed. Plus, you know you will have a lot of hard work ahead of you, which can be draining just to think about.

While many people simply brush off fatigue as a usual feeling, it can actually be dangerous to workers. Feeling tired, sluggish or sleepy can diminish your abilities, and in some cases, that could put you at risk of facing work-related accidents and injuries.

Are there aggressive dogs in your Minnesota community?

AdobeStock_225239640.jpegAre you a dog lover? Maybe you have one or more furry friends in your household. Perhaps, you're adept at training dogs or have a service dog that is specially trained to assist you in some way. On the other hand, maybe you've never really been an animal lover and do not have a pet of your own.

No matter what your personal opinions happen to be about dogs, there are no doubt people in your neighborhood who have one (or more than one). Even if you're not a dog owner, it pays to learn as much as you can about these canines, especially regarding which breeds are known for being most aggressive. It's also good to know about Minnesota laws that govern ownership of dogs, in case someone's pet or guard dog attacks you.

A denied workers' comp claim: what's next?

It can be devastating to learn that your workers' compensation claim came back denied. After all, you filed your claim because you suffered injuries in a workplace accident. You need financial support to help you and your family during this difficult time. While this is a frustrating setback, it is not the end of the road for you.

If your claim came back denied, the next step will be to move forward with the appeals process. The first part of this process is to understand why the claim was not successful and what you need to further validate your claim to workers' comp benefits. When it is your financial well-being on the line, you will find that it is helpful to work with a Minnesota attorney who understands how the workers' comp process works. 

Undoubtedly, health care workers face serious risks on the job

Even though it can be easy to forget when Minnesota residents are ill or injured and need medical attention, few of them would deny that health care workers put their lives at risk when they go to work, especially now. If you work in the health care industry, you certainly know that you could suffer serious injuries or illnesses as a result of your chosen profession.

You rely on your employer and those you work with to help keep you safe, but that may not be enough to protect you. Regardless, you got into this industry because you wanted to help people despite the risks.

Do hands-free laws prevent motor vehicle accidents?

Modern technology is meant to improve people's lives, and in most cases, that is exactly what it does. However, there are instances where the misuse of technology can endanger the person using it and others around them. Nowhere is this more evident than in distracted driving.

Fortunately, the state of Minnesota implemented a hands-free law late last year, prohibiting motorists from using mobile devices while operating a vehicle. Many studies show that these laws reduce the rates of motor vehicle accidents. However, some critics remain doubtful and say that these laws do little to prevent distracted driving. No matter where your opinion on the matter lies, what do the facts actually say and how can you keep your family safe?

When is the last time you checked your tires as a safety measure?

AdobeStock_128945312.jpegWhether you're a daily commuter on Minnesota roadways or an occasional traveler, it's critical that you make sure the vehicle you're driving is in safe working condition. For instance, if your brake lights are not functioning, not only might a police officer pull you over in a traffic stop, you could wind up being rear-ended by another car if the person behind you can't tell that you've applied your brakes.

Tire safety is something that many drivers fail to make a top priority. Many blowouts have occurred on Minnesota roads due to people driving cars with tires with worn treads. The balder the tire, the likelier you might be to experience a blowout while traveling. What if your tires are in prime condition but another driver's tires are not and he or she hits you, resulting in injury? Who would be responsible for your medical bills?

COVID-19 update for current and prospective clients

The novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) sweeping around the world has led to drastic preventative measures to curb fatalities and contain the illness. Last week, Minnesota governor Tim Waltz declared a peacetime state of emergency. Health officials have recommended canceling or postponing all social gatherings. Schools are closed across the state. Restaurants, bars and other venues are shutting down. Social distancing - maintaining a minimum of six feet of separation between individuals - is advised in all situations outside the home. The impact on all levels of society is profound.

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