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Winter driving tips for the snow in Minnesota

If you have to get somewhere in Minnesota in wintry conditions, you must adjust how you normally drive to ensure safety. The weather can pose a great challenge even for the best motorists out there. But here are some tips you could use when driving in the snow.

Drive slowly and look far ahead

Winter car accidents are common because your vehicle can easily lose traction on the road at the worst moments. But if you can drive slow and look far ahead on the road, you will give yourself a few extra seconds to react when another car is sliding as it approaches you or if you are about to cause a crash. Those precious extra seconds of braking or veering off danger can save your life.

Drive in tracks cleared by other cars

When you drive in winter, the wheels of your car clear the thick snow off the road as it turns. The first driver to maneuver first through the snow finds it very difficult; however, the second or the third driver won’t find a hard time because the tracks are partially cleared. If you are lucky enough to find such tracks, drive through them to improve your safety.

Get snow chains or tire socks

Installing snow chains and tire socks aids in improving traction on snowy roads. Snow chains are made of metallic chains, whereas tire socks are created from fabric. When buying one, always make sure you get the perfect fit for your wheels.

Drive very smoothly

They say when driving through the snow, pretend you are wearing all white clothes and dark scalding coffee is on your lap. This means that every movement, push of the brakes, or turn of the wheels must be gentle, gradual, and deliberate. Any jerky movement will have you sliding off the road or onto another car.

It would be best not to get yourself in an accident because Minnesota is a no-fault state. You or your insurance company will pay for all your injuries or damages to your car. However, if another party contributes to the accident, you should consider filing a lawsuit after consulting with your attorney.

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