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Chiari Malformations and Auto Accidents

For some of those injured in an automobile accident, the initial or prominent symptoms stemming from the accident may only be the tip of the iceberg. Unknown to these injured parties, the trauma sustained in the impact started a physical process that could be life-threatening if undetected. What starts as headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness, impaired vision, and impaired coordination can lead to a diagnosis of a Chiari I malformation.

Are You Responsible For Intoxicated Guests?

Most people believe that only the local tavern or bar can be held liable if a patron is over-served and then causes an accident resulting in injury or death. In reality, there are now circumstances where a homeowner can be not only civilly, but also criminally liable for allowing underage drinking to occur on the homeowner's premises. For the homeowner, this is known as "social host liability."

Yellow Left-Turn Traffic Signals

MnDOT Raising Awareness of Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signals
We all want safer roads. MnDOT is implementing new techniques to provide safer driving conditions for Minnesotans. You may have seen yellow flashing arrows for left turn signals recently. If you haven't found one yet, you may in the near future. MnDOT's website reports that a majority of new traffic signals installed will have flashing yellow arrow options. Favorable conditions to use the flashing yellow arrow are low volume and low speed traffic.Why Use Flashing Yellow Arrows?
Safer - Less Delay - Flexibility
Minnesota has used flashing yellow arrows in the past when the traffic light was in flash mode. A national study has shown that flashing yellow left-turn arrows are more understandable to drivers. MnDOT also states there is less opportunity to make a left turn with the traditional red, yellow, green signals and having the flashing yellow arrow option provides traffic engineers with more traffic control options to handle a range of traffic volumes.What Do Left Turn Arrows Now Mean?

The New Diverging Diamond Interchanges

MnDOT Raising Awareness on Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI)

MnDOT has begun construction of a DDI at the Elk Run Interchange at Pine Island in Olmsted County. Beginning 2012 a DDI will be constructed at the intersection of State Highway 15 and Stearns County Road 120 in Sartell/St. Cloud. What are Diverging Diamond Interchanges and how do we drive them?

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