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Are there more car accidents each year?

The thought of becoming involved in an accident is likely the furthest thing from the mind of most Minnesota residents when they get behind the wheel. But the amount of car accidents that happen in the state each year is a cause for concern.

Accident and fatality statistics

Three hundred and sixty-four people lost their lives on Minnesota roads in 2019. This number represents a little less than a 5% decrease from the 381 people losing their lives to traffic accidents in the state the year before. In 2017, Minnesota roads claimed the lives of 358 individuals.

The total number of reported car accidents in 2019 was 80,636. These accidents caused 27,260 injuries. The year before, 79,215 crashes happened in the state. These crashes resulted in 27,877 reported injuries. Reported crashes and injuries were 78,465 and 29,412, respectively, in 2017.

National numbers

The 38,800 people who lost their lives to car accidents on American roads in 2019 represents a 2% decrease from the 39,404 fatalities in 2018. It is a further decrease from the 40,327 traffic fatalities suffered in 2017. But a point of concern is that all three numbers represent an increase over the 34,439 reported traffic fatalities in 2016.

High-risk groups

Drivers aged 16-19 face a higher risk of accidents than drivers sharing the road with them. In 2015, teens in this age group accounted for 233,845 injuries and 2,333 fatalities on American roads.

People 65 and older face higher risks of injury and death on American roads. The 6,165 traffic deaths among this group represented 18% of the overall traffic deaths in 2015. The 240,000 injuries included 10% of the total people injured in traffic accidents.

The risk of injury is present each time an individual takes a seat in a motor vehicle. A personal injury lawyer may help accident victims recover the compensation needed to facilitate their recovery.

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